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Buskop Law Group is one of Houston’s leading patent firms. After more than 20 years of remarkable growth, our services encompass patent drafting and issuance, trademark application drafting and issuance, strategic advice on patent portfolios, and foreign filing of patents and trademarks. Our services also encompass affiliations with a global network of independent patent and trademark firms in over 20 countries.

Serving as a trusted business resource to private and public companies and individuals, the Buskop Law Group helps clients manage and optimize growth, provide value, and peace of mind of their intellectual portfolio with a friendly and fully approachable experience.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality control standards in the patent industry. We have experience in mechanical cases in the energy sector including offshore platforms, subsea wells, fuel cells, and nanosized devices. We have experience in business method filings and issuances. We understand healthcare and medical devices and methods, including healthcare business methods, and represent hospitals in Houston, Corpus Christi and other Texas cities.

We handle all aspects of the federal filings, including:

  • petitions to make special,
  • assignments,
  • certificates of correction,
  • oppositions of trademarks,
  • and more.

Buskop Law Group Will:

  • Service clients as friendly and trusted professionals who deliver comprehensive, proactive and creative intellectual property legal services and solutions.
  • Provide an approachable experience to clients with a sense of stability and peace of mind now and in the future.
  • Encourage and maintain a symbiotic network of entrepreneurial clients, businesses and community relationships.
  • Be recognized as an innovative leader in the patent and trademark procurement services marketplace.